Home for the holidays:



Theresa Latson’s been helping Eversource customers over the phone for decades. But her helping hands do more than that: every year, she helps make the holidays magical for those in need.


Twenty-seven years with Eversource makes Theresa a bona fide veteran of the industry. And during that time, as a Senior Customer Relations Clerk, she’s been handling the incoming calls that let us respond to any concern: whether it’s a state representative with questions, or a customer needing an advocate in settling a billing issue.

But Theresa’s favorite way to roll up her sleeves and help comes at her favorite time of year: the holidays. That’s when, as part of an Eversource volunteer event, she’s been showing up first thing in the morning at the Salvation Army Christmas Castle in Boston for the last 7 years—and spending the day making holiday wishes come true for those in need.

Our volunteer events make me feel like I’m making a difference.

“I’m a product of Boston,” Theresa explains. “I grew up in Jamaica Plain, Heath Street projects…so I just really feel like I’m making a difference in my own community.” The Salvation Army sets up their yearly Christmas Castle event at the corner of Columbus Avenue and Arlington Street in Boston, and welcomes literally thousands of families in need, providing coats, gift cards…and two toys for every child.

“Everyone has an impact,” says Theresa. And with Eversource making opportunities available for her to volunteer, every holiday season, year after year, she can make a difference in the community that’s closest to her heart.