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When it comes to finding innovative, creative ways to raise the awareness—and the funds—to make communities better, Rod Powell is the guy you want on your team.

Rod’s a man equally inspired by instinctive compassion as by hard data.

Rod’s a man equally inspired by instinctive compassion as by hard data.

In his role as President of Corporate Citizenship Rod’s spent the last several years laser-focused on a mission as broad as it is specific: finding ways for Eversource to help make the world a better place, everywhere we live and work. And whether it’s shepherding the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, sitting on dozens of boards, inspiring employees to volunteer, on creating opportunities for them to increase their philanthropy, Rod’s personal charm and calm, powerful presence make him a hard force to resist.

Rod’s history with Eversource goes back to 1978 and spans roles in departments from analytics, regulatory, rates and customer engineering to hands-on out in the field. He credits that combination of both operations and office work with his unique perspective on his latest role (since 2015) as President of Corporate Citizenship—and his understanding of how Eversource can make a deeper difference wherever we do business.

Our employees, we’re your neighbors. We are living and working in the community, like you.

Most of all, Rod says he hopes to influence the lives of the next generation—through education and scholarship initiatives from support for performing arts to technology studies. "Each of us is a whiteboard in those formative years," Rod explains. Which is why it’s never too early to start making a difference in the lives of the people we serve. And it’s never too late, either.