Hope goes forward: NANCY’S STORY


Nancy Marcucci has a very personal reason for being part of the annual Eversource Walk for Boston Children’s Hospital…two reasons, in fact: her son and daughter, both of whom will walk at her side thanks to Boston Children’s Hospital.


As director of human resources, Nancy’s daily responsibilities reach wherever Eversource has employees. But family always comes first: even as her job duties can take her to three different states, her son Dillon and daughter Ari have always been the center of what she laughingly refers to as her busy life.


At 7-1/2 years of age, Dillon was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor, leading to a two-year patient-and-family relationship with Boston Children's Hospital as Dillon was treated and recovered fully. “They took great care with us…and that was our introduction to Boston Children’s,” Nancy recalls. “It was a crazy, tumultuous time in our lives…and we just felt very well taken care of.”

But it wasn’t to be the last crisis. Four years later they were back at Boston Children’s, this time with Ari—whose sinus infection had developed into a sudden, severe and life-threatening brain infection. Once again, the expert teams at Boston Children’s sprang into action to perform two emergency surgeries on Ari in a single afternoon, vanquishing the infection and setting her on the path to a year-long rehab—and recovery.

It has a deep and personal meaning to me, this relationship that we have with Boston Children’s Hospital…and why I’m so proud to participate, and to work for the company doing the work that we do.

Nancy’s perspective now informs her passion for helping the cause. “I understand the power of what they do…We were very, very, very lucky. So my obligation and my commitment as an Eversource employee is to really take part in our efforts with Boston Children’s Hospital, and support the Walk.”